Lindsey Lavender Art


I am an award winning painter, originally trained and practised as an architect. This background gifted me with a passion for the built environment; the buildings and the spaces in between. I am drawn to elements of structure: stairways, doorways, arches, bridges; points of transition and thresholds. I am interested in the way in which light interacts with the mundane: the transformative effect of sunlight and shade on something very ordinary; essential elements upon which we tend not to focus. I paint the aspects of our urban landscape which underpin the rest - the infrastructure which remains the same over decades whilst allowing the city to shift, change and develop over time.

My work focuses the viewer’s attention on the interplay of light with the structure and often treats other elements of the composition in a more abstract way. My paintings have been described as having a sense of quiet contemplation which draws the viewer in. I explore the changing rhythm of light and shade, on the seemingly ordinary; revealing the everyday in a new light.

I maintain a busy schedule of exhibiting work across the UK and my work is represented in both public and private art collections.

I am an elected Professional Member of both the Society of Scottish Artists (SSA) and Visual Arts Scotland (VAS).

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Photo credit - JDP